Vahl's Companioins:


Class Race
Vahl Warrior Dark Elf
Lydia Jungle Queen Nord
Lil' Vent Locksmith


Jenessa Assassin Dark Elf
Frea Warrior Mage Nord
Miraak Dragon priest Nord
Natasha Assassin ?
Hulk Tank ?
Meeko Wardog Dog
Vigilance Wardog Dog
Poet Inventer Brenton
Daxius Robot Heavy Dwarven Centurian
Serana Vampire Nord
Tauriel Archer Elf
Steve Soldier Nord
Boysee Horse Horse
Bubbles Ghost Horse
Arvak Skeleten Horse
Marcuria Lightning Bender Nord
Elsa Cryomancer/Queen Nord
Cameron Battle Rabbit Rabbit
Aqua Wardog Dog

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