• Late Middle Merethic Era:
    • Drengr becomes High King of Skyrim, the only Dunmer to do so.
    • Miraak betrays the Dragon Cult
    • Vahlok the Jailor defeats Miraak, but before death, Hermaeus Mora transported him to Apocrypha
    • Vahlok the Jailor leads Solstheim
  • 4E 176 - Gaelan and Vahl are born
  • 4E 177 - Beldiir is born
  • 4E 178 - Lydia is born
  • 4E 187 - Areum is born
  • 4E 188 - Loren is born
  • 4E 189 - Korr is born
  • 4E 190 - Gaelan joins the Vivec Mages' Guild
  • 4E 191 - Beldiir joins the Vivec Mages' Guild
  • 4E 193 - Vahl joins the Vivec Fighters' Guild
  • 4E 198 -  Gaelan's Disappearance/ Vahl's departure from Morrowind. A month later the Aldmeri Dominion sacks Vivec
  • 4E 201:
    • Vahl's ship sinks by a Thalmor Galleon
    • Vahl saves Whiterun
    • Lydia joins the group
    • Lil' Vent joins the group
    • Vahl starts to rebel against the Thalmor
    • Vahl defeats Miraak at the Summit of Apocrypha, he later joins up.
  • 4E 202:
  • 4E 203:
    • Lil' Vent's death
  • 4E 204:
    • Korr is killed by an Imperial Chieftan
    • The Skyrim Civil War Ends
    • Highreach Keep is built
    • Vahl enters Politics and joins the election for High King/Queen of Skyrm
    • Vahl becomes High Queen of Skyrim
    • Lydia dies
    • Vahl's Journey comes to an end,
  • 4E 208 - Miraak takes Vahl to the Ancient Continent of Atmora, to become a Dragon Sage.
  • 4E 208 - A Skyrim Legacy takes place

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