PACK OF NOPES - Skyrim Tale Ep23:58

PACK OF NOPES - Skyrim Tale Ep. 102


Nopes are the insects and arachnids that  Venturian created.


The name "Nope" came when Venturian was running from Spiders shouting "NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! NOPE!"


Nope SpidersEdit

Nope Spiders are the species of when Venturian started calling them Nopes. They are Spiders

Nope MantisEdit

Nope Mantii are Chaurus Hunters that Venturian created and renamed.

Nope CrawlerEdit

Nope Crawlers are Chaurus that Venturian created and renamed.

Nope TubewormEdit

Nope Tubeworms are pink, glowing, slimy worms that are rare.


Nopelopes are an ancient hybrid of Nopes and Derpalopes.


Both Vahl and Farkas, have a fear of Nopes, Vahl doesn't like looting them.

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